Thursday, 29 October 2015

October 2015-Blockade Runner & The Hobbit

First Game:

"Blockade Runner".

Corsets, Coffee and Cannon for Confederate Cash!
How would you like a 4 out of 5 Chance of making a great deal of money?
There is a 1 in 5 chance you will drown, be blown up, shot, scalded to death, crippled for life or at least spend time in a POW camp, with a chance of dying there. However with Cotton 7 cents a pound in Dixie, and $1.21 out side it there is money to be made! 
Choose you ship, and Cargo and see if you can baffle the Blockade!

If you Choose War goods you will keep the Confederacy strong and keep the number of ports open, and make a handsome profit on tobacco and cotton. Bring in black market goods, like Corsets and Coffee, you can make a handsome profit both ways, after a contribution to certain official’s pockets!
All Players Start with a number of Ships and Cash and also action cards. These cards can strengthen Port Defences, help you run the Blockade by adding to your chances of running the blockade during fog and moonless nights with your friends-a rebel raider can deplete Blockading Squadrons, as can use of an Ironclad!

A Captain and A Pilot may also be found, adding to the speed of your ship. There is no Union Player, the rules play the slow but steady blockade of the ports and the land war. As the Federal Armies advance, cotton, tobacco and railway transport becomes more difficult. Should you buy more and faster ships with your Profits, or hope your ships will not be caught?

Every turn more Ports are assaulted by the Union and woe betide any ship trying to make a breakout! 
It can be done, but it is twice as difficult as making a Blockade run! 
"My Jenny" {$15,000} cargo of cotton worth $28,000 was captured at the fall of Fort Lauderdale.

Greg’s' "Red Gauntlet" {$25,000} cargo of Tobacco worth $32,000 was captured on the high seas near Haiti even after a Spy card helped him elude the Federal navy, was there a Double agent?

Cards can be traded as your with your rivals but all have the same enemy. The game only has five turns so you are there for a profitable time, not a long one!
You can make sure that the belles of Richmond have the latest Paris hats {and lingerie!} to turn heads, even if a loaf of bread is $20 during the Winter of 1865!
So if you like a game of trading, Business Building and Fortune making with a spice Of Danger, this game could be fun!

Second Game: The Hobbit

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